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    The team



    A short list, that will be longer in the future, of the people who are participating to this adventure.All those guys were involve during three seasons in the creation of Heliksir in Gudauri , all the guide team  move to TURKEY to continue the adventure with ANATOLIAN HELISKI.









     Bruno Costerg 


     National ski instructor, local hero...

      “Courchevel from Courchevel”. Member of the ESF Courchevel 1850.  After two seasons in Caucasus , Bruno is now menber of ANATOLIAN HELISKI crew.

     Specialist of the secret spot behind the mountains , Bruno is the " charme" card of the team . One week with him will be smooth and relax...








     Alexandre Dunand 


      Mountain guide and National ski instructor. Certificate in snowstudies by the SAVOIE UNIVERSITY.

    Member of the ESF Courchevel 1850. Fan of good ski  and travels, Alexandre had visiting many country with his skis.Japan , south america, norway , and many other places...A week with Alex is always a small trip . After one seasons in Caucasus , Alexandre is now member of ANATOLIAN HELISKI crew.










     Patrice Hanrard .


     Mountain guide and national ski instructor.

    Member of Pralognan’s guides office, and of the ESF courchevel 1550, Patrice had been working two seasons in Gudauri before to joint us in TURKEY . 

     Passionate by ski and mountains , Patrice is also an actor , and he know how to use his" charisme " to push you up .

     Patrice is now member of the crew of ANATOLIAN HELISKI , and it's a great luck for us.









     Olivier Houillot


      Mountain guide and national ski instructor.

      Rock climber and author of many first ascent. Olivier skied, climbed and worked everywhere in the world. After fews seasons in Manali with the team HHS, Olivier worked 5 seasons in TURKEY with the Turkeyheliski , then he created Heliksir in Georgia , and he is now member of the staff of ANATOLIAN HELISKI .

    Member of the ESF Courchevel 1850, and of AVENTURE MONTAGNE,Olivier is in charge of the devlopement of heliski in Turkey .












     Julien Ruffier 


      National ski instructor, Free rider.

    Free ride expert of the team. Sensation teacher . Member of the ESF Courchevel1850. Julien is THE rider . Mr goodski . Your life will be different as soon as you will have spent ons day skiing with this guy..

     He could heve been a star , he choose to be JULIEN . After two seasons in Caucasus , he is now member of ANATOLIAN HELISKI crew. 













     Mark Buscail


      eyes wide open,holding out his hand....Some photograph go higher...Mark is one of them, for our greatest luck...Thank you for the time you spent with us.






                                  David Caquineau



     incredible photographer, national ski...

    Humour specialist in the Courchevel ESF 1550 , master of the joke of the days...David come with us to make it more funny . Don't ask him to be serious more than one hour...He can't....One days with him , skiing will be a days of pleasure and fun .

    Some of us make things lighter , David is one of them.He is now member of ANATOLIAN HELIKSKI crew. 











     Rémi Mallard 


      Ski magicien...Telemarkeur, snowboarder...Cleverness and riguour dedicated to carve and cards...national ski. Rémi knows everything about everythings, and one day skiing with him will make you richer. He is actually learning to speak swahilli , and will be able to teach skiing in this langage in one or two week ......

     Remi is now member of the team of ANATOLIAN HELISKI . 














      Guy Roh



      Pilote. The swiss expert of Mountain flights. Guy has flown all over the world while working with the most prestigious operations, and he brings his amazing experience to Heliksir.











     Franck Bosquet.


     HE is a real skier with the "vista" of the line, and always the right Move.

      You will enjoy his company and have your most hilarious ride ever. National, working in the ESF Meribel, Franck is over passionate by his job, and his enthousiam will be communicative .

     Franck is now member of ANATOLIAN HELISKI .








      Nicolas Scott .



       A ski racer who brings rigour and efficiency in service of freeride. Many years on the slalom stadium prepare Nicolas to be the technical expert of the team.  National ski , member of the ESF Val d'Isére, Nicolas is member of the crew ANATOLIAN HELISKI .












     Patrick Muntwyler .



     Munty knows his trooper like his pocket. Pilote and engineer, he is a master in his job. He will pick you up and land you down, with safety and always with the SMILE.










     Mickaël Tissot-Rosset


      Mister Video. Mister Freestyle. Mister Snowboard.

     This guy is oozing with talents... All the movies you will watch are his productions..All the stupid jump you won't see are his also... The hardest part of the job is to follow him ...One day skiing with him , and you will never ski the same way .

     Micka is now member of the crew of ANATOLIAN HELISKI .






     Claude Troillet.


     Claude, Big boss of the Helipad. New Georgian native, Claude doesn't need to be fluent in english to be understood. Taking care of the trooper , the pilots, the guides and the guest , Claude is helpfull for all...












      Beat schütz.


     Bidou. Mr seduction of Heliksir. Futur pilote , one day he will flight over the mountains , if he doesn't start a carrier of Model... 

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    Lundi 30 Août 2010 à 13:01
    bonjour, pour un séjour au caucase avec déposes hélico, pourriez vous me communiquer
    vos tarifs, avec ou sans les vols, avec ou sans le matos, le dénivelé ou heures de vols, etc ...etc...
    heliski-caucase Profil de heliski-caucase
    Mardi 7 Septembre 2010 à 20:47
    Vous pouvez consulter le site web d'Heliksir en cliquant sur le liens " More info and booking", et visiter les pages " forfaits " où sont détaillées toutes les formules pour la saison prochaine .
    Toutes les informations pratiques ( voyages, garantie et organisations...) sont également disponibles dans toutes les rubriques de notre site web.
    Pour des informations plus précises et l'organisation de votre séjour, vous pouvez contacter notre équipe en envoyant un mail à: heliskicaucase@gmail.com .
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    Mardi 24 Décembre 2019 à 14:53

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