• The Caucasus range

    The georgian Caucasus
    Before the 2012 Winter and for three seasons , the team who is now in charge of heliski in Turkey , opened the heliski base of Gudauri in Georgia , this blog relate this story and as it's a part of our history we keep the article about this place where we spent good time.
    KAZBHEGI 5047 m
    CHEGGET 5312



    The Caucasus is a geopolitical region at the boarder of Europe and Asia .It is home to the Caucasus Mountains, including Europe highest mountains (Mt Elbrus 5642 m).

    Georgian highest peaks are Chkhara (5201 m) and Kazbek (5047 m) In the center of Caucasus.

    The Caucasus is one of the most linguistically ad culturally diverse regions on earth. The nation states that comprise the Caucasus today are the post-soviet states Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan.


    The Caucasus is an area of great ecological importance. It harbour some 6400 species of higher plants, 1600 of wich are endemic to the region. Its wildlife includes leopards, brown bears, wolfs, European bison, marals, golden eagles and hooded crows. The Caucasus Mountain are also noted for a dog breed, the Caucasian Shepherd dog.


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