• Security point by point


    Security point by point


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    Security.....Heliski is a high risk activity.

    There are two options for us. Deny it ...or facing it , and work point by point to limit the risk.

    We will set out the efforts we make to offer you a real plus during your heliski trip.

    In all our activity, we set up working procedures and decision process in the way to reduce snow activity risks , aerological risk and all those of outdoor activities.

    Our first concern is to bring as fast as possible a wounded person to an hospital or a doctor.

    Till our first preparation trip in TBILLISI, we work to make a deal with the university hospital in this town, which is just 20 minutes flying time from our base.We operate with 2 helicopters in our base , to be able to securize all our operations. That's one off the reasons why we stop to operate in Turkey .The Turkish operator doesn't garanty us a second machine every week at reasonable conditions , and we were not able to make a good backup for the safety . 

    Every autumn our team of guide follow a course to review all the first aids technics .Some of us have been patrol men , and our team is specially careful to be efficient on Medical evacuation techniques, to be able to be safe, fast and comfortable for a victim.

    We’ve got vacuum mattress, total and partial, evacuation sledge, and all the safety gears are stocked in the helipad.  First aid kit is always in the trooper, with an O2 kit.

    All the team is train to the “ humain cargo “ evacuation system that allowed us to escape a skier with a winch from the trooper when the terrain is too steep for the sledge.

    We are constantly working to progress on our knowledge about security and safety to increase our work on those point 

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