Our belgiums friends came to visit us this winter . They stayed one week among us . One week of powder , friendship and good moments... All the team wait for them to come back...


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    Run Ikizdere


    Since 2012 the Courchevel team who opened the operation in Gudauri , works in TURKEY . Here are some movies of our news terrain where we will be happy to ski with you . You can see more video and get more informations on the turkish part of our website.


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       Video heliski guide

    " Before the 2012 Winter and for three seasons , the team who is now in charge of heliski in Turkey , opened the heliski base of Gudauri in Georgia , this blog relate this story and as it's a part of our history we keep the article about this place where we spent good time." 

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    Mountain Guide and National instructor



    The first concern of Anatolian heliski is your security. Master piece of our organization, all our guide are certificated mountains guide or National ski instructor. Those French diploma, organize by the National ski school of Chamonix are some of the most requiring in the world, and exemplify as models in a lot’s of country . Our guide are also following every years an internal training, to actualize their knowledge and unify their process.

    In our team you will ski with Mountains guide or national ski instructor, Wich are the two french diploma that allow their owner to act as a professionel.


    Medaille national


    National Instructor BEES

    As all the sport job in mountains, the job of ski instructor require a perfect skill of the activity, a solid teaching motivation, and …Mountains passion

    The 1er degre of the state sport instructor diploma, alpin ski option , allowed  to frame with payement alpin ski and other snow activity ( snowboard, snow shoes….) in all the level of the class of progression.

    The holder of the diploma is allowed to wear the title of National ski instructor, and can exercise his activity on the secures slopes and off pistes, except the glaciers area untagged and on the terrain where it need alpines techniques to progress.

    The technical test of the state diploma is a slalom which requires a good sport experience of the ski.(Level: Chamois de vermeil)


    Training content

    The teachings which reach at the BEES 1er degré option ski alpin , contain a common part of all the sport diploma and a specific one. The common part could be either a general common mountains sport diploma, either the “tronc commun BEES” Or any diploma that have the equivalence. This diploma give evidence of the level of knowledge in general knowledge (physiological, anatomic, biomechanics, institutional environment, economic and juridical environment…) The specific part is turn on the acquisition of the technical capacity, the development of pedagogic knowledge and the risk management in mountains terrain.


    Training duration

    The training to be instructor takes between three to four years after the preformation.The training is a sandwich course: Pedagogic time in ski school, and course in the national school.

    medaille uiagm


    Mountains guide



    The trade of Mountains guide requires serious physical, technics, and moral ability.

    To sit to the aspirant guide exams , a high technical level in alpinisme,alpine ski , off piste ski , ice climbing, canyons,  and a huge high mountains experience is require.

    The diploma of high mountains guide delivers the skill to exerce as professional, in rock ascent, snow ascent, ice, mixt ascent, and in all the ski touring and off piste excursion.

    The teaching of the alpines technics.

    The teaching and the management in all canyons.

    The training for competition in all the alpines technics.

    Training duration

    It take 6 years between the first exams as aspirant guide and the final mountains guide exam. The diploma is a sandwich course: Pedagogic time in activity, and course in the national school.

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    Hervé, a guide who just loves winter...


    BEST  Hervé HELIGUIDE  CHILE 2011 (49)


    Hervé , working with us in winter and also in the ESF Courchevel 1850, spend all his summer in winter, in the other hemisphere and works there as heliski guide.
    A great experience, and a real  passion for ski and powder…

    What about following him ?


    Hervé, tell us how you discovered Andes range ,the ride over there, and the Heliski in South america ?


    l start my career in Chili on the Magellan detroit side where l stayed 3 winters with seawiew and a lot of wind.

    After that I went working in Portillo, in the middle of the Cordilleres, majestic  and magnificient!

    With deep valleys, steep runs, and sightview on the Aconcagua all day long.

    The Lama was bringing us for heliskiing around the laguna del Inca and sometimes farer  close to the Argentina boarder. Between 3800 m and 4200 m , we were above the glacier.

    When Valley Nevado's ski ressort bornt, I went working there, and we start the heliski there with some French friends.

    A Bell “ 407 “ was used as a cab between Santiago, the resort and the international airport, and we kidnap it to discover new valleys.

    At the beginning of the 90’s we were skiing just close to the resort and little by little  we opened new runs in the north, and now we are running hundred per cent in the Paraguire valleys, which is 14 minutes flight from the resort.

    Incredible runs, lot of snow. Very step on the first 600 /800 meters and then when the valleys become larger, there are runs till 2400 vertical meters.

    We are now at the top, working with the same team of heliski guides and 2 to 3 machines (B3 AS 350), with small groups of 4 pax.

    We also organize private charters.

    Despite all those years of experience, I continue to train myself.

    In 2006 l followed with the military high mountains school of Rio Blanco a course about glacier technics, on the Juncal Valleys ( 6400 m), the same year l also followed a 15 days training course with Cedomir Marangunic doctor of the Ohio University, snow greatest specialist in Chili.


    How is it a winter in summer ?


    Since 26 years, I ski two winter per year, just because I love my job and  I have an unbelievable quality of life.

    I enjoy the sun between my two seasons.


    -You have been skiing all over the world, why do you love that much the south face skiing ?


    The Andes are huge, very often we ski in untouched valleys, and everything around us is wild and unaccessible.

    l enjoy  this “adventure way of life”, every days.

    Condors are flying around us, huge rabbits run in front of us …The rocks are green and grey because of the copper inside and it gives magnificent colors to our mountains..

    South face protect our powder… I like it…


    - In concrete terms how does it work the heliski in a big capital?


    That's the last trend for our americain guests…The charm of a very attractive and civilized town after a skiing day in the Andes, makes a magic contrast.

    Amazing restaurants, a first class gastronomy, unbelievable Chilian wines, very friendly locals, in brief, getting out of a 5 stars hotel as the W, or the Ritz to take the trooper to reach the first peak  in less than half an hour. It’s simply exceptional…

    Heliski andes

    - You have been a pioneer of the heliski in South America, tell us about your bests runs


    I have been working with a private company in 2004, 2005 and open runs that nobody had never skied before, offered me great pleasure and incredible sensations…

    Very aerial landing on small ridges and beautiful pick up close to the turquoise lagoon ….
    The dream for a skihollic….

    - So when do we go there ?


    We start our activity at the end of June, and  stop at the end of September.

    Joint us! To discover the South American powder…Between 3700 m and 4500 m, a magic kind of snow, small groups, and a lot of turns…

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