• Private Package


    Private Package





    You bought, (or will do it) a standard package with POWDERCIRCUS.

    Thank you for choosing us.

    To help you to understand what is included in this package, and make clear the contract that we    (or will) subscribed, we would like to inform you about the rules that will govern our relationship.

    For a PRIVATE STAY, you bought (or will do) some flying hours that you will use at your convenience, with yours guide team. We will operate to give you the best ski as possible.

    You will be housed in our base in single room, full pension including all the service of a heliski stay.

    During your Stay , you organize your day at your convenience ( according to the usual safety rules of an heliski operations ). You decide your week schedule and you can either visit all the places of our range or prefer to stay on some part of it. One, two or three groups, you organize the order of each as you want.


    No matter how many skiers are include in your private charter, for safety reasons, you will always ski with a minimum of 2 guides.




    For your week you will have:

     -          Group of 1 to 3 peoples (1 rotation) 6 helicopter hours

    -          Group of 4 to 8 peoples (2 rotations) 9 helicopter hours

    -           Group of 9 to 12 people (3 rotations) 9 helicopter hours



    Flying time :

    The flying time that the company will count are the flying hours.

    The engine time when the trooper is on the ground is not recorded.


    Extra flying hours :

    Every evening  the flying time of the day will be re-capitulate to you . Once you have used up the helicopter flying time included in your package you are free to choose to continue skiing or return to base.

     Every day the extra flying minutes will be indicated to you . Any additional time will be charged at the end of your stay.

     Additional helicopter hours: 2650 per hour which is equivalent to 45 per minute.



     Refunds for helicopter time :

    The first 6 helicopter flying hours of your package are non-refundable .The next 3 hours of your package are refundable if they are not used

    Refunds for helicopter time not flown: 2400 per hour


    Paiement, booking, cancellation

    Booking, registration, and all the different payments will be done for the all group.

    An estimate is sent to you by POWDERCIRCUS at your registration including the cost of your stay and the payment schedule.

    In the case of a cancellation within your group, you may replace the group member. Should you be unable to do so, the final payment (balance) will be adjusted accordingly between the remainder of the group.

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    Jeudi 12 Mai 2016 à 11:03
    Do not worry about what you do not have, do not worry about the heart while earnestly grateful for every gift of His.
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