• Our flying crew in Turkey


    Our flying crew in Turkey 


    A video about our flying crew in Turkey . Our first requierement when we decide to manage the Turkish Program , was to bring experienced pilots we work with in Greenland to work with us . 

    We have been working there with , very professional Turkish pilots, and  experienced sweden pilots, to built an international  professional heliski team of pilots.

    For 2015, as it was impossible to continue to work with those pilots and 2 machine for the all seasons, we tried, and succeed to bring back our operations in Georgia where we have benn working 3 seasons. We will be there for the next seasons flying on 2 Austrian machines , with experimented pilots.

    This video is a part of our history , and will help you to understand that POWDERCIRCUS is involved in every point building a heliski operations .



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