Hervé, a guide who just loves winter...


    BEST  Hervé HELIGUIDE  CHILE 2011 (49)


    Hervé , working with us in winter and also in the ESF Courchevel 1850, spend all his summer in winter, in the other hemisphere and works there as heliski guide.
    A great experience, and a real  passion for ski and powder…

    What about following him ?


    Hervé, tell us how you discovered Andes range ,the ride over there, and the Heliski in South america ?


    l start my career in Chili on the Magellan detroit side where l stayed 3 winters with seawiew and a lot of wind.

    After that I went working in Portillo, in the middle of the Cordilleres, majestic  and magnificient!

    With deep valleys, steep runs, and sightview on the Aconcagua all day long.

    The Lama was bringing us for heliskiing around the laguna del Inca and sometimes farer  close to the Argentina boarder. Between 3800 m and 4200 m , we were above the glacier.

    When Valley Nevado's ski ressort bornt, I went working there, and we start the heliski there with some French friends.

    A Bell “ 407 “ was used as a cab between Santiago, the resort and the international airport, and we kidnap it to discover new valleys.

    At the beginning of the 90’s we were skiing just close to the resort and little by little  we opened new runs in the north, and now we are running hundred per cent in the Paraguire valleys, which is 14 minutes flight from the resort.

    Incredible runs, lot of snow. Very step on the first 600 /800 meters and then when the valleys become larger, there are runs till 2400 vertical meters.

    We are now at the top, working with the same team of heliski guides and 2 to 3 machines (B3 AS 350), with small groups of 4 pax.

    We also organize private charters.

    Despite all those years of experience, I continue to train myself.

    In 2006 l followed with the military high mountains school of Rio Blanco a course about glacier technics, on the Juncal Valleys ( 6400 m), the same year l also followed a 15 days training course with Cedomir Marangunic doctor of the Ohio University, snow greatest specialist in Chili.


    How is it a winter in summer ?


    Since 26 years, I ski two winter per year, just because I love my job and  I have an unbelievable quality of life.

    I enjoy the sun between my two seasons.


    -You have been skiing all over the world, why do you love that much the south face skiing ?


    The Andes are huge, very often we ski in untouched valleys, and everything around us is wild and unaccessible.

    l enjoy  this “adventure way of life”, every days.

    Condors are flying around us, huge rabbits run in front of us …The rocks are green and grey because of the copper inside and it gives magnificent colors to our mountains..

    South face protect our powder… I like it…


    - In concrete terms how does it work the heliski in a big capital?


    That's the last trend for our americain guests…The charm of a very attractive and civilized town after a skiing day in the Andes, makes a magic contrast.

    Amazing restaurants, a first class gastronomy, unbelievable Chilian wines, very friendly locals, in brief, getting out of a 5 stars hotel as the W, or the Ritz to take the trooper to reach the first peak  in less than half an hour. It’s simply exceptional…

    Heliski andes

    - You have been a pioneer of the heliski in South America, tell us about your bests runs


    I have been working with a private company in 2004, 2005 and open runs that nobody had never skied before, offered me great pleasure and incredible sensations…

    Very aerial landing on small ridges and beautiful pick up close to the turquoise lagoon ….
    The dream for a skihollic….

    - So when do we go there ?


    We start our activity at the end of June, and  stop at the end of September.

    Joint us! To discover the South American powder…Between 3700 m and 4500 m, a magic kind of snow, small groups, and a lot of turns…

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    Private Package





    You bought, (or will do it) a standard package with POWDERCIRCUS.

    Thank you for choosing us.

    To help you to understand what is included in this package, and make clear the contract that we    (or will) subscribed, we would like to inform you about the rules that will govern our relationship.

    For a PRIVATE STAY, you bought (or will do) some flying hours that you will use at your convenience, with yours guide team. We will operate to give you the best ski as possible.

    You will be housed in our base in single room, full pension including all the service of a heliski stay.

    During your Stay , you organize your day at your convenience ( according to the usual safety rules of an heliski operations ). You decide your week schedule and you can either visit all the places of our range or prefer to stay on some part of it. One, two or three groups, you organize the order of each as you want.


    No matter how many skiers are include in your private charter, for safety reasons, you will always ski with a minimum of 2 guides.




    For your week you will have:

     -          Group of 1 to 3 peoples (1 rotation) 6 helicopter hours

    -          Group of 4 to 8 peoples (2 rotations) 9 helicopter hours

    -           Group of 9 to 12 people (3 rotations) 9 helicopter hours



    Flying time :

    The flying time that the company will count are the flying hours.

    The engine time when the trooper is on the ground is not recorded.


    Extra flying hours :

    Every evening  the flying time of the day will be re-capitulate to you . Once you have used up the helicopter flying time included in your package you are free to choose to continue skiing or return to base.

     Every day the extra flying minutes will be indicated to you . Any additional time will be charged at the end of your stay.

     Additional helicopter hours: 2650 per hour which is equivalent to 45 per minute.



     Refunds for helicopter time :

    The first 6 helicopter flying hours of your package are non-refundable .The next 3 hours of your package are refundable if they are not used

    Refunds for helicopter time not flown: 2400 per hour


    Paiement, booking, cancellation

    Booking, registration, and all the different payments will be done for the all group.

    An estimate is sent to you by POWDERCIRCUS at your registration including the cost of your stay and the payment schedule.

    In the case of a cancellation within your group, you may replace the group member. Should you be unable to do so, the final payment (balance) will be adjusted accordingly between the remainder of the group.

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    Package, Warranty, Standard package






    You bought, ( or will  do it ) a standard package with POWDERCIRCUS.

    Thank you for choosing us.

    To help you to understand what is included in this package, and  make clear the contract that we (or will) subscribed, we would like to inform you about the rules that will govern our relationship.

    The standard package that you bought (or will buy) includes a various number of vertical meters, with a guarantee under which one we will refund you the meters you haven’t done.
    We will do our best for you to get the best ski as possible during your stay.

    During a standard stay, we will gather people coming from different places. Our guide team will organize the groups with friendless and technical ability.

    A maximum of 4 groups of 4 persons will use the same trooper during our ski program.
    The guide team will bring you every day on the best terrain regarding the snow and weather conditions.



    Vertical meters count

    Just the group’s vertical meters are counted.
    If you decide to stop skiing earlier in the day, the group’s vertical number will be charged.


    If a whole group decides to stop skiing earlier than the others, then only the actual vertical meters skied are charged. However, if at the end of the week the members of this group have not reached their vertical guaranted meters, any refund will be calculated according to the actual vertical meters skied by the other groups.



    Extra vertical meters

     Once you have reached your guaranteed amount of vertical meters, you can either continue to ski or return to the base.

    The evening prior to you reaching your package maximum, your guide will ask you if you would like to stop and return to the base or continue to ski and pay for the additional vertical meters skied.

    If necessary, groups can be changed to accommodate members who would wish to continue their journey.

    A minimum of 3000 additional vertical meters are counted for every day the helicopter takes off for rotations above those covered by your initial package. This does not apply to the day when you reach the limit of your package vertical meters.

    Cost of additional vertical meters: 130 per 1000 m



    Refund for vertical meters not skied

    Refund on vertical meters is given back if you do not reach your package vertical guarantee , owing to bad weather or technical problems.

                                                  130 per 1000 m

    No Refunds back if:

         -You decide to stop skiing in the middle of the day and you haven’t attain the amount of vertical meters outlined in your package during the week. .

         -You were not here all the days of your package (owing to late arrival or early departure)

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  • Georgia
    " Before the 2012 Winter and for three seasons , the team who is now in charge of heliski in Turkey , opened the heliski base of Gudauri in Georgia , this blog relate this story and as it's a part of our history we keep the article about this place where we spent good time."
    la georgie

    GEORGIA is a country in the Caucasus region of eurasia. Situed at the juncture of eastern europe and western asia it is bounded to the west by the black sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the east by Azerbaijan.Georgia covers a territory of 69,700 km² anr it's populationis 4,3 millions.

    The history of Georgia can be traced back to the ancient kingdoms of colchis and Iberia,and it was one of the first countries to adopt christianity in the 4th century.Georgia reached the peak of it's political and economic strength during the reign of king david and queen Tamar in the11th and 12 th century .At the beginning of the 19th century, Georgia was annexed by the Russian Empire. After a brief period of independance following the russian revolution of 1917, Georgia was invasted by bolshevick Army in1921 and incorporated in the soviet union in 1922.

    The independance of Georgia was restored in 1991.Like many post communist countries, Georgia suffered from the economic crisis and civil unrest during the 1990's. After the rose revolution the new political leadership introduced democratic reforms but the foreign investment and economic growth wich followed initially have slackened substantially since.

    Georgia is a representative democraty , organised as a unitary , semi presidential republic.It is currently a menber of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the World Trade Organisation, the Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, the Community of Democratic choice and GUAM ,Organisation for Democracy and Economic Devlopement.The country aspires to join NATO and the European Union.

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