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    Helirando is a program that allowed you to use the helicopter to acced in the central part of the KASHKAR RANGE and to enjoy the beautifullest runs of those mountains.

    In the alps refuges and road offers you the possibilities to reach easely the best spot and to enjoy ski touring in the best way . In wild range like the KASHKAR, it is unfortunately impossible to go straight to the best without the help of the trooper.


    Our helirando programm offer you 20 minutes flying times per day. This will usualy allowed you one landing a day on a top from wich you will ski down to the departures of another run that you will climb for few ( several? ) hours before to ski it down in the direction of the pick up point where the trooper will catch you to bring you back to our base.


    You will have 6 days skiing , using at your choice your flying time either to visit as much as you can the range , either to optimize your ratio flying time / skiing pleasure.


    While you will ski in the wildest part of the KASHKAR RANGE, you will have the security of beiing close to the trooper and close to a team of guides who know perfectly well those mountains.


    For evident safety reasons you will be systemically accompanied by a guide and always in radio contact with our base. We ask our visitor to come with their own ski touring gears, and we provide you the technical safety kit ( Shovel , Probe, DVA, Airbag, Radio )  


    To avoid problems of different level between heliski touring peoples, we just accept inscription from groups of 4 personns that know each other and who comes with a common project.


    Great programm for ski-touringholic and for those who want to discover wild mountains, helirando is a home made programm for those who want to discover the beauty of the ski in the KASHKAR RANGE , and who are ready to meet the people who live in those mountains in the winter.

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