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    Alexander the " boss" of our Helirando program




    Alexander, you’re in charge of the development of POWDERCIRCUS helirando program, explain to us what will be the program?

    The basic idea is to enjoy the wilderness and the beauty of the Kaçkar range .

    The helicopter helps us to go far away, and we use the mountain ski to climb as we do in the Alps. The trooper land us on a top in the morning, from there we ski down a beautiful run, and then we will climb with the skins to go to another peak from where we will have a new descent.

    The pleasures of the heliski and at the same time those of the mountain ski? How will be organized a day of hélirando ?

    We will start every morning from our base in Ayder. The trooper will land on a peak from where we will ski down. After that, two or three hours climbing in direction of a peak or a pass, will offer use another long run.

    We will have a typical Turkish pic nic, and then the trooper will get us back to the base.

    What will be the physical and technical level that will be required to enjoy the week?

    The ski level that we ask to participate to this program is intermediary.

    We want our guests to be able to ski with efficiency in different kind of snows, and easy enough to enjoy mountain skiing.

    People have to be fit enough to walk 2-3 hours a days, at a normal rhythm like summer hiking. So no need to be a “chamois”, if you are used to practice off pist skiing in the Alps, this program is for you.

    Will it be possible to do more runs with the help of the helicopter if people want to during their stay?

    Our philosophy is to adapt our program to our guests expectations, so if the conditions are good and if the group ask to make one or two runs in heliski, we will organize it with pleasure. As soon as the machine will be available for that…

    How high will we ski and does the altitude can be a problem?

    Our heliski base is situated in AYDER a ski resort at the altitude of 1200 meters.

    Every day, according to the snow conditions we will ski between 2500 m and 3500 m, which is the same altitude as we usually ski in the Alps. So, we guess that it won’t be a problem….

    And the knowledge that our team get from the heliski is a guaranty of good days for the

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