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    Greenland is a danish island ,in the north est of north America . With a population of 56,370 , it is the least densely populated country in the world. The highest point on Greenland is Gunnbjorn at 3700 m. The capital city of Greenland is Nuunk .
    We acced to Greenland by REYKJAVIK. A flight throught Kussuluk, to Tassiilaq bring us to Angmagssalik, where we will ski from sunday to friday . Then we will come back to Reykjavik in Saturday , and in Europe on Sunday .
    We will ski on B3, chartered by Air-Greenland . Our weeks are private weeks, and we will have 10 flying hours to ski during our stay . You will ski with 2 guides . At the momment of the years when we are skiing in Greenland , days are longers and longers. We usually ski till 10 to 11 PM, under the sunset nordic light.  
    Greenland is a land of beauty . You will add run in powder and in corn snow , in the wilderness of the north fjords. More than a heliskiing trip , a week in Greenland is pure journey in beauty .  
    Our rates :

    Tassilag Base East Coast

    N° of pax

    Prix par pax

    Heures de vol

    1-3 pax

    24.500 €


    4 pax

    21.200 €


    5 pax

    17.350 €


    6 pax

    14.850 €


    7 pax

    12.950 €


    8 pax

    11.600 €


    Single room extra

         350 €


    Extra heures p/h

       2250 €     


    Extra cost vol Reykjavik-Tassilag

         800 €


    Extra hotel Reykjavik

         500 €



    Our rates includes :

    • 7 night 3* double room , full pension
    • 6 heliski days
    • French guide  diplom ENSA
    • 1 hélicopter B3 for two groups of 4 persons maximun
    • 10 flying hours 
    • Lunch on the field 

    Our rates does not include :

    • Flight to Angmagsallik
    • Extra and drink during your stay 
    • Insurance covering your heliski trip
    • Cancellation Insurance
    • Night hotel in Reykjavik 

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     Caucasus Gudauri 


    Powdercircus team worked all over the heliski world . We were the first team to devlop a heliski program on B3 in Georgia .During three seasons , we started heliksir operations , and organise the all program of this company. 

    We are now in position to propose again to our guests to ski in Gudauri . All our team have a good knowledge of the place , we are working with the best austrian pilot , and we can enjoy the " Georgian hospitality "  during all our stay . 


    We are in position to organise standard weeks and private weeks. We will be in septsimenda , close to the kashbeghi , using a Lama or a B3 . We will be in a 4 Star hotel , with SPA, swiming pool, and casino . The terrain around us is one of the biggest heliski area you can ski on .

    One week in standard cost 6940 € , for 30 500 m packages, and 20 000 m garanty . Everything includes from Tbillisi airport to Tbillisii airport.  Are not include in our rate , single room supplement,  insurrance , cancellation insurrance, and  wine and extra bar  .


    Incredible Caucasus scenari , good snow coverage , and hudge accesible terrain .
    We will live their in luxuary 4 star lodge , enjoying the typical Georgian khinkhalli.
    You could found all the technical informations about this trip on " www;caucaseheliski.com".On this website you will find video , photos, and informations about the hotel , the trip and the acces to Gudauri 

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    Pics Season 2013 


    The seasons 2013 Powdercircus was managing the heliski program in kaçkar . it was good conditions during the all winter, with a good snow coverage in January till the end . We skied in Ayder , and Yalalar .









    High Enough ?
    Another one 
    Lady's first
    Powder line 
    Yellow boy
    Turkish Delight
    Morning pick up
    From the sky 
    From the ground
    The line
    Girl power
    lady's day
    Ski , sun , turn 

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    News 2015 



    LOGO circus powder final (1) - Copie

     The 2015 season will see us in Ayder and in Georgia  . Our regular program will be there one more seasons. 

    We will afford our guests the quality of service and safety that we usually provide , trying to be better and better every year .We have since last season a very confortable hotel , with very good service . Our turkish operator , GDH , will continue to provide us 2 B3 , with a very good team of pilots.  

    Most of our heliski program for the 2015 season , will be done in Kaçkar, in Ayder where most of you have been before , and the begining of the winter will see us in Kaukasus again . . The late season program we will be in Greenland , for fews weeks, and also in Kamtchatka for one week. 

    You can see our program and activity on this website, and contact us on powdercircus.ski @gmail.com  . 

    We hope to see you there , and stay at your disposal to organise your trip with us .  

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    Interwiew of our lead guide 


    An interwiew of our lead guide , Olivier , which was made in Georgia , as we were managing Heliksir program .We devlopp other destinations since this time , but our philosophy stay the same , and we are still working very hard to be efficient on every details of the security program.

    Powdercircus is aware that your first requierement when you buy a heliski trip is safety.That's why it's so important for us , to be sure that you trust us .




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